Gig Review: Lady Gaga at the Aviva Stadium, Dublin

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KISS, Alice Cooper, AC/DC.

I love gigs with spectacle and showmanship, and Lady Gaga’s has that in spades. Against the backdrop of a fantastically crafted castle stage she delivers a barnstorming, captivating live set which fuses her driving, relentlessly catchy and anthemic pop with a loose space opera style concept which lends the whole thing a cool, prog-ish feeling.

The space opera tone suits an artist who is constantly viewed as being different, strange and in some ways alien. She courts this throughout, playing an escaped alien fugitive who comes to set up a new race within mankind. Its a little trippy and fudged at places, but its ambition is admirable and it serves as a decent framework for Gaga to play through her hits and several of the album tracks from the sensational Born This Way album.

The themes of individuality, creativity, acceptance and equality flow through it all…

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